I was gonna love you till the end of all daytime and I was gonna keep all our secret signs and our lullabies… I was made to believe that our love would grow old… We were gonna live in a tree house and make babies and we were gonna bury our ex-lovers and their ghosts… Baby we were made of gold ♥

→ Watch "House of the Rising Sun ☮ The Be Good Tanyas" on YouTube

House of the Rising Sun ☮ The Be Good Tanyas #TheHanemPlaylist

→ Watch "Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire - "Some of These Days"" on YouTube

Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire - “Some of These Days”:

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Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra - Moldavian Song #TheHanemPlaylist

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Red Hot Chili Peppers - I Could Die for You #TheHanemPlaylist

المشكلة مش ‘فين’، المشكلة في ‘مين’ و هما اللي راحوا فين. و ‘فين’ نادراً لما بيكون مكان ملموس

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John Mayer fet. Katy Perry - Who You Love #TheHanemPlaylist

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Oasis - Stand by me #TheHanemPlaylist #Love #Music #Radio #Playlist

→ http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=KssYlde89K4&u=/watch?v=bPm6f1HNzgw&feature=share

Oasis - I’m outta time #TheHanemPlaylist #Music #Love #Radio #Playlist

→ http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=6NpojeEX544&u=/watch?v=5uEGjucLt9A&feature=share

Alabama Shakes - Be Mine #TheHanemPlaylist #Music #Love

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